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Facts and information about this famous liqueur drink

Facts and Information about the Frangelico Liqueur
The alcoholic drink Frangelico is a hazelnut and herb flavored liqueur which was originally created by the Dominican Monks of Italy for medicinal purposes. The name 'Frangelico' is a derivation of the name of a famous artist and monk called Fra Angelico. The distinctive Frangelico bottle is therefore shaped like a monk's habit. Liqueurs are sweet alcoholic drinks which are flavoured with a variety of different ingredients and come in a variety of different colors. The word 'liqueur' derives from the Latin word 'liquifacere' which means to melt or dissolve - the flavorings used to make liqueurs are dissolved.

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Information about Frangelico
Liqueurs are flavored with a whole variety of different ingredients! These ingredients include fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, seeds, nuts, roots, plants, barks, eggs and cream. The following list details the main ingredients of Frangelico together with other info about this famous liqueur.

  • Main ingredients of Frangelico - Hazelnuts and herbs
  • Other ingredients: Hazelnuts, Cacao, Coffee, Vanilla, Alcohol, Sugar and herbs
  • Country of origin - Italy
  • Color - Frangelico is colored with caramel

Additional background information about Frangelico
Additional background information about Frangelico:

  • Frangelico is made by crumbling the hazelnuts and soaking them in the base spirit. Herbs and berries are added during the fermentation process. The liqueur is then filtered, sweetened, and bottled.
  • The origins of the name Frangelico, from a monk called Fra Angelico has led to much confusion
    • Firstly, there is no such order of 'Frangelican' monks!
    • There were two monks given the name Fra Angelico meaning Angelic Friar ( the famous religious artist and a hermit) both monks came from the Italian region of Piedmont   

How to serve the Frangelico Liqueur
Liqueurs are made in nearly every country of the world and come in a variety of different flavors and colors. This makes every liqueur drink, such as Frangelico, an extremely versatile drink. Liqueurs can be served:

  • Straight up - Perfect as after dinner drinks and usually served at room temperature
  • On the rocks - If a cold drink is preferred liqueurs can be chilled and served over ice cubes or mixed with crushed ice
  • Served with coffee
  • Liqueurs can be mixed with cream or other mixers to create some really good and extremely colorful cocktails

Rainbow Liqueur Drinks - Floating Liqueurs
Ever wondered how bartenders create those unusual rainbow effects when making cocktails? They use a method called 'Floating liqueurs' which is achieved by 'floating' a measure of liqueur in a glass by pouring it slowly over an inverted spoon or down a glass rod on top of previous layers. This creates a rainbow effect in a glass when using different colored liqueurs or cordials. Liqueurs are sometimes referred to as Cordials, which causes some confusion. In America a cordial mean a sweet, syrup like alcoholic beverage. However, in the UK a cordial means a non-alcoholic, sweet, syrupy drink!

Quantities and Proportions of ingredients in Frangelico cocktail drinks
Quantities of ingredients tend to cause confusion - no problem, just use the correct proportions of each ingredient to create the best authentic & original Frangelico cocktail recipe! You can use a thimble, cup or even a pitcher ( if you are making this recipe for a group or a crowd ) when you make a cocktail! The following simple guidelines will also help with the different quantities referred to in other cocktail recipes:

  • 1 oz (ounce) equals 2 tbsp (tablespoons) or 3 cl (centilitres)
  • 30ml equals 1 oz
  • 1 shot equals 3 tbsp (tablespoons) or 1 oz (ounces) or 45 ml (millilitres)
  • 1 cup equals 8 oz (ounces) or 24 cl (centilitres) or 240 ml (millilitres)


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